Disaster-Proof Your Customers

Ensure that no matter what type of disaster strikes, your clients’ business systems and data will still be available. Deliver a high value, high margin solution with a very low total cost of ownership.

Deliver an enterprise class solution to your clients with Unitrends MSP no matter their budget

Expand Your Offerings

Expand your service offering and maximize your profit margins by offering your customers flexible BCDR solutions that fit any budget

Recover Quickly

Leverage our cloud for the best DRaaS experience and have your clients back up and running in under an hour

Reduced Operation Cost

Maximize your margins with the simplest and most reliable BCDR solution

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Be Ready for any Type of Disaster

Data loss happens. With Unitrends MSP you can help your clients get back up and running quickly. System failures, ransomware, and user error are easily resolved by standing the machine up locally while natural disasters, theft, fire, and other catastrophes can be handled through quick access to the resources in the Unitrends MSP cloud.

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BCDR Pricing that Makes Sense for MSPs

Keep your clients running without the need to purchase expensive hardware upfront. Combine that with aggressive pricing, the ability to use one solution for all of your client needs, and inexpensive long term storage options for compliance, and you have a solution that you can trust and your clients can afford.

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Turbo-charge your growth and manage your entire backup universe from a single screen.

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