The BCDR Circle Of Trust

The BCDR Circle Of Trust

The BCDR Circle of Trust

Don’t under estimate the underdog. Unified Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are key components to your clients data protection stack. As an MSP you want to choose the right partner to help you provide the most efficent, cost effective and time saving solution. Who doesn’t want a break every now and again for a little chimmichanga?

World Backup Day is our day to lay it on the line to you. We understand that you may already be in a circle of trust with one of our competitors, but will hurt to see another option from another view point?

Unitrends MSP is different, we can be a little unauthodox but we love our product like it’s our only son and we celebrate every win no matter how small because we know that the small things add up.

Join us as we discuss how we’re different from the competition….

  • We’ll cover key features that are game changers such as, our self-healing backups
  • Customer case studies, how we’ve helped MSPs grow their business with BCDR
  • Top pain points MSPs come to us with and how we help solve them

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