Save the Day! How To Become a True MSP Superhero

Save the Day! How To Become a True MSP Superhero

Watch the recording! Jump into this Service (and Satisfaction) Continuity Masterclass and discover how you can be the savior of the day, every day.

A critical factor in any MSP’s service portfolio, get it right and your BCDR solution has the power to define you as an MSP Superhero, get it wrong and you’ll be the ‘baddie’ and the cause of multiple business losses.

Now’s the time to get a handle on what BCDR really means to your clients, what you’re doing right and how you could improve. It’s the time to mitigate as much risk as possible and ensure that if disaster does strike, your MSP is the Superhero saving the client from losses.

Tune in to the Unitrends MSP and SmileBack session recording and understand:

  • What BCDR really means to clients in 2021.
  • Why interaction and communication are critical to BCDR success and how you can identify client requirements.
  • How your team can boost efficiency and become BCDR Superheroes to your clients.

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