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Reboot the Future With Unified BCDR

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The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines brings a new ray of hope. Businesses are eager to reboot and step into the post-COVID future. However, it’s important to keep in mind that things are not what they used to be. Cyberattacks are on the rise, clients’ needs and appetites have changed, and remote work isn’t going away anytime soon. Conventional ways of doing business won’t work as well as they used to. To survive and thrive in the new normal, businesses require a new mindset, new business strategies and robust solutions to help them improve efficiency as well as security.

MSPs will play a crucial role in reshaping the future since most organizations depend on them to drive their business. As such, MSPs must ensure they are ready to support their clients no matter what the circumstances are. MSPs must be agile and equip themselves with new technologies, such as a Unified BCDR solution, to provide comprehensive protection to distributed workforces and scattered data.


Our ‘Reboot the Future With Unified BCDR’ eBook is designed to help MSPs understand what the future will look like and how they can navigate past challenges to deliver reliable backup and recovery services to their clients.

The goal of this eBook is to help MSPs step into the future with the right tools that can help them make more money, save more time and win more clients. This eBook highlights how MSPs can provide complete data protection to their clients while improving margins and enhancing technician efficiency with Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR.

Overview of the Current Landscape

Organizations globally have spent much of 2020 realigning strategies, trying to adapt to the unprecedented challenges. This has led to massive changes in the way organizations function. Some of the prominent changes include work from home, increased reliance on technology platforms and shift to cloud.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines, there is optimism to return to normal operations. The world is ready to reboot and restart. However, the trend of working remotely is set to continue even in the post-pandemic world. Twitter and Square have announced permanent work from home for their employees while several companies like Google, Facebook, Shopify, Coinbase and more have extended their work-from-home policies.1

What Does the Future Look Like?

According to research conducted by Cisco Systems, nearly nine out of 10 workers want to be able to choose whether to work from home or the office and want greater autonomy over their hours. 2

The traditional 9 to 5 work model is broken. Workplaces as well as workforces have changed. As organizations plan for the future, progressive companies are looking at an evolved, hybrid workforce model that includes both a home-based workforce as well as office goers.

Why Rebooting Now Is Important for MSPs

The rise of the remote workforce has drastically changed the way data is generated, used and stored. And this distributed workforce is here to stay. To support the growing number of remote employees and their scattered data, businesses need a robust IT foundation now more than ever before, including advanced cybersecurity software, reliable data backup and recovery solutions, strong device and network monitoring and management, and remote IT support.

As organizations look to reset and rebound in the next normal, they need professional IT services that can secure their business and help them find their feet again. This means more opportunities for MSPs since they specialize in IT services. To make the most of the opportunities that the future brings, it is crucial that MSPs reassess their tech stack, reorganize their strategies and reboot their businesses. MSPs must make sure they are well-equipped with the latest technologies to protect their clients’ data and their remote workforces, regardless of where they work from or where the data is stored.

Challenges MSPs and Their Clients May Face in the Post-Pandemic Future

The year 2020 was undoubtedly a transformational year, forcing businesses to reimagine their strategies to adapt to the new environment. This has introduced a new set of challenges for MSPs and their clients.

Distributed Workforce

The number of remote workers is expected to double in 2021.3 This means increased workloads for MSPs who are responsible for maintaining uptime and application availability at all times. MSPs as well as business owners should work in tandem to ensure globally dispersed employees as well as their devices and data are secure.

Data Protection

Data is growing at an exponential rate. By 2025, it is estimated that the global datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes.4 Data is scattered and it now lives in more places than ever — on-premises, in remote workers’ machines, in private clouds, in public clouds (Azure/AWS) and in cloud-based SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, G Suite and Salesforce. Protecting this sheer volume of data, which is exposed and vulnerable to both internal and external threats, will be a huge challenge for MSPs and their clients.


Cybersecurity remains a top concern for MSPs and their clients. With the shift to remote work, companies were quick to adopt new technologies, such as SaaS platforms, to boost communication, collaboration and productivity. However, this has also opened doors to new security risks. Along with the increase in the number of remote workforces, the number of cyberattacks also continues to grow. In Q3 of 2020, malware attacks increased by a massive 128%.5 Globally, 75% of organizations experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020.6 And according to Check Point, in 2020, a new organization fell victim to ransomware every 10 seconds, with remote workers being the major target. 7

Opportunities for MSPs

According to the Kaseya 2020 MSP Benchmark Survey report, 29% of respondents listed ‘‘meeting security risks’’ as the top IT need for their clients. Another 14% of respondents listed cybersecurity services as a top need.8 With cyberthreats growing in number and complexity, small and midsize businesses are increasingly looking at MSPs to protect their dispersed employees and data. However, to cash in on these opportunities, MSPs must possess a robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that they can bank on.

Having a Unified BCDR solution will enable MSPs to:

Offer Reliable Data Backup and Recovery Services

In today’s always-on business environment, downtime due to a data loss incident can result in catastrophic consequences for businesses, including hefty fines, penalties, lost opportunities, damaged reputation, etc. MSPs equipped with a strong BCDR solution can secure all client data, regardless of where the data is stored, and ensure quick recovery in the event of a data breach incident.

Expand MSP Practice

The Kaseya 2020 MSP Benchmark Survey revealed that nearly 90% of MSPs consider the expansion of their service offerings important. High-growth MSPs (with an average monthly recurring revenue [MRR] growth greater than 20%) have added about four to five new services to their offerings in the past two years.8 A complete BCDR solution not only helps MSPs keep their clients’ business and data safe, but by adding data backup and recovery to their service offerings, it also allows them to expand their MSP practice.

Increase Revenue

With a growing demand for uptime and security, BCDR can be the perfect addition to an MSP’s tech stack. By offering BCDR as a service, MSPs can give their clients peace of mind while also creating new revenue streams to boost their MSP business. In a recent MSP Benchmark Survey conducted by Kaseya, nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) experienced a revenue increase in the past year by providing security services followed by backup and disaster recovery (59%). 8

Challenges for MSPs

While the current business environment presents a plethora of opportunities for MSPs, securing their clients and providing reliable backup and recovery services can be a challenge since:

Current Backup and Recovery Solutions Are Fragmented

MSPs deploy and manage an average of three solutions to protect data on-premises and in the cloud. Managing multiple solutions and vendors increases cost and IT complexity. IT technicians must work on multiple interfaces, deal with different support teams and spend time acquiring product knowledge for all the solutions being used. This leads to wastage of time and effort and reduces technician efficiency.

Backups Are Manual and Error-Prone

IT technicians spend over 30% of their day monitoring, managing and troubleshooting. Traditional backup and recovery solutions require IT to manually back up and troubleshoot issues. This increases the burden on IT as well the frequency of errors. Managing each server component or file copy manually takes up a lot of technician time and increases the chances of data loss in the process.

Most BCDR Solutions Are Expensive

MSP business owners are giving up a 40-50% margin on inefficient backups. A backup and recovery solution is one of the most expensive items in an MSP’s tech stack. Many MSPs report that backup is the most expensive item they sell, often with low margins. In most cases, MSPs hire a dedicated employee just to manage backups.

What MSPs Need to Be Successful in a Post-Pandemic Future

IT security and data protection are the two areas MSPs can tap into to boost their business both now and in the future.

To stay profitable while also securing their clients’ business, MSPs need a BCDR solution that’s:


An end-to-end data backup and recovery solution that protects client data no matter where it is stored — on premises, in remote locations, in the cloud or SaaS platforms. The solution should enable IT technicians to monitor and manage all client backups without switching between different applications.


MSPs require an advanced BCDR solution that eliminates cumbersome manual processes and improves technician efficiency. An automated BCDR solution will help MSPs deliver superior service to their clients by maximizing technician productivity and minimizing the chances of errors.


The ultimate goal of any business is to generate maximum revenue and MSPs are no different. To succeed in a post-pandemic future, MSPs must choose a backup and recovery solution that not only fits their budget but also allows them to make maximum margins.

Why Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR?

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR is a powerful, all-in-one platform that combines enterprise-class backup, ransomware detection and cloud-based business continuity. Purpose-built for MSPs, our Unified BCDR platform makes backups simple and hassle-free, enabling MSPs to deliver the highest quality business continuity services with high margins and minimal maintenance.

Backed by technology used by Fortune 500 companies, our Unified BCDR platform is:


Our all-inclusive, single platform is designed to meet the BCDR needs of today and tomorrow.

Secure Your Clients’ Data Wherever, Whenever

Whether MSPs are looking to protect the systems and data that live on-site, in private/public cloud, in cloud-based SaaS applications or in remote locations, Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR does it all.

Manage Everything From a Single Point

Our Unified BCDR platform provides a holistic view of all client backups so IT technicians can manage everything from one place instead of swapping between disparate solutions.

Robust Data Protection

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR is air-gapped for total protection from malicious actors, rampant ransomware 2.0 infections and leaked credentials. Military-grade local encryption adds an additional layer of security and helps MSPs maintain compliance with complex regulations.

Ransomware detection systems uses AI and machine learning to effectively identify ransomware-like conditions and sends alerts if any system has been compromised. Hardened Linux kernel with built-in ransomware evasion ensures backups are safe and secure.

Flexible Recovery Options

Unified BCDR gives MSPs complete freedom with regards to how they recover data as well as where they want to recover the data to. Our solution supports a wide range of recovery modes including physical-to-virtual (P2V), V2V and V2P.


Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR comes with advanced automation capabilities and our partnerships with some of the biggest technology providers enable seamless integration that turbocharges technician efficiency, enabling them to do more in less time.

Zero Failed Backups

Achieve next-level reliability for backups with Helix, the intelligent engine that automatically monitors, detects and remediates issues before they impact backups. This reduces backup management overheads by over 50%.

Guaranteed Recovery

Automated recovery assurance testing eliminates manual intervention and management hassles by automatically performing the highest level of application recovery testing with no IT time or effort. It fully restores applications, performs analytics, measures recovery time and recovery point, and identifies reasons why any recoveries failed. Fully automated DR tests simulate a true disaster recovery scenario to keep MSPs prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This saves MSPs tens or hundreds of man-hours in manual disaster recovery testing each month.

Automated Reporting

Our RPO/RTO-based reporting automatically generates insightful reports which show that clients’ systems and data are completely protected. MSPs also get full compliance reporting with actual calculations of their RTO and RPO, which can be run as frequently as they want, all with zero manual intervention. No more stressing over compliance audits and understanding compliance posture.

Intelligent Alerting

Our intelligent alerting tool uses artificial intelligence that cuts out noise, letting MSPs focus on more important things that matter.

Priced Right for MSPs

MSPs are not only overpaying for BCDR, they are also operating on very low margins due to inefficiencies that come with managing multiple backup solutions.

Get Unbeatable Value, Price and Margins With Unitrends MSP

Our Unified BCDR platform is strategically priced, allowing MSPs to deliver the highest value BCDR solution to even the most cost-conscious clients. This unlocks multiple revenue opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. With automations designed exclusively by our MSP partners and a price point that’s 30-35% lower than competing solutions, Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR enables thousands of MSPs across the world to grow their business and boost profitability.

With Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR, MSPs can:

Save on Hard Costs

Priced 30-35% less than our competitors, our Unified BCDR solution immediately boosts MSP margins upon switching. As their adoption of the platform increases, so do their margins. Since there’s no upfront hardware or software costs, MSPs can start generating revenue right from the get-go.

Save on Soft Costs

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR does the work of three or more products — the only platform MSPs need for complete BCDR and data protection. The efficiencies gained by IT technicians will further increase MSP margins by reducing the total cost of ownership and freeing up valuable time to focus on other revenue-generating activities.

Access to a Simple and Flexible Pricing Model

No more complicated pricing with different values for the devices MSPs connect to. With our Unified BCDR platform, MSPs get everything at one fixed cost. Unitrends MSP offers predictable pricing with the flexibility MSPs need — as their data protection needs evolve, so does their subscription. MSPs get full flexibility to transition their subscription to whatever type of environment they’re protecting.

Unified BCDR – The Way Forward

Data is growing rapidly and security threats aren’t slowing down any time soon. For MSP customers, meeting security risks and protecting their critical data are top concerns. MSPs that can provide reliable security and backup and disaster recovery services will gain a competitive edge over their peers and reap the most benefits in this volatile business environment as well as in the future. However, the traditional backup and recovery model is broken, fragmented and expensive, leaving MSPs scrambling for a robust BCDR solution.

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR solves these problems.