Disaster Recovery Testing: An MSP’s Most Valuable Offering

Disaster Recovery Testing: An MSP’s Most Valuable Offering

MSPs are increasingly selling backup services, and smart providers promote business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR). But backup works only if you can actually restore. Unfortunately, many providers do not test backups to ensure recoverability, and many solutions do not include testing capability.

MSPs should make backup testing and verification part of their offering, as the cost of failure is high. Failing to recover or deflect attacks will result in client application downtime – or possible permanent data loss, which can easily translate to a loss of customers for you.

Testing is so important that you should include this metric in any DR solution offering to prospects. To ensure faster and easier recovery testing, MSPs should choose a solution with automated, free recovery assurance. Or better yet, outsource your client’s DR program to certified experts that will guarantee performance.

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