Meet Unitrends MSP

We put MSPs at the center of everything we do – bringing together enterprise class backup, ransomware detection, and cloud-based business continuity into a powerful, all-in-one platform.

Who We Are

We created Unitrends MSP because we believe that Unitrends’ enterprise class business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are the best in the world and that every MSP could benefit from them. We’re proud of Unitrends’ 25+ years of experience in enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery, but we realize that the MSP market is unique. We put MSPs at the center of everything we do. From product to services to support, our business is designed around your business.

Our Mission & Values

We work with MSPs every day to build products that enable them to deliver high-margin BCDR services and to deliver enterprise-class support MSPs can lean on to maximize the reliability of those services.

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