In some cases, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) sells itself, especially if the prospect suffered an unrecoverable data loss. But Unitrends will go MSPs one further – how about a free, handpicked premium BCDR customer to get your backup service really rolling?

Kaseya business unit Unitrends and Unitrends MSP have a new program Unitrends Done Deal that is the industry’s only guaranteed, signed, new customer acquisition business model for MSPs – not just leads! This is part of an aggressive expansion of the Unitrends’ channel program with added support for MSPs and other solution providers.

The program enables MSPs to overcome the costly challenges of obtaining new customers while simultaneously providing premium, mid-market customers that allow MSPs to move upstream to larger clients that offer greater opportunities to upsell and cross sell a wider range of MSP services.

According to Service Leadership, a consulting firm for IT solutions providers, the top growing MSPs pay an average of $875 for a sales qualified lead (SQL) and an average total acquisition cost of $3,072 for a new customer. Top MSPs harvest approximately 17.5 SQLs per month. Based on these numbers, a top performing MSP must spend over $15,000 a month just to get qualified leads, plus the additional costs required to convert a fraction of these lead into signed contracts. With Unitrends Done Deal, MSPs can say goodbye to this lopsided equation and hello to guaranteed new customers that immediately impact the bottom line with monthly and annual recurring revenue.

“Every MSP knows that the cost of acquiring a new customer – both in dollars and personnel resources – can be astronomical,” said Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya. “We created the Done Deal program to give our MSPs a direct pipeline to new customers because we know how hard it is to try and grow your business when each day you’re knee deep running your business.“

One MSP partner loves the BCDR technology, and the sales help. “What Kaseya has created with the Unitrends Done Deal program is on par with what Google did for search. We get the results we want – a new customer to onboard,” said Guy Baroan, president, Baroan Technologies. “If you think about it, it’s a business owner’s dream come true. We get a qualified new customer on our roster without having to jump through the hoops of having to find that customer and close the deal. The program is already paying dividends for us and has even greater potential in the future.”

Baroan is not the only fan. “The Unitrends Done Deal program is unlike anything I’ve ever come across in nearly 30 years in this business,” said Al Alper, president, Absolute Logic. “Every channel program promises leads, but most fall short. On top of that my team still has to work to close those deals. So there are no guarantees. Kaseya, on the other hand, is the first to ever provide its MSP partners with a signed, new customer, which translates into immediate revenue for our businesses. There is nothing else like this in the industry.”

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