Learn how Robinson Tech effectively achieved business continuity with the rock-solid reliability of Unitrends MSP that StorageCraft lacked.

About Robinson Tech

What started as a one-man operation in 2006 has become an established business with multiple technicians serving small and mid-size businesses. Dan Robinson, Founder and CEO of Robinson Tech, successfully managed to deliver high quality IT services backed with exceptional customer support.

“The growth of Robinson Tech has been organic, our entire marketing has been through word-of-mouth”

Dan Robinson


The same growth presented a challenge when Robinson Tech wanted to move from simple data recovery to effective business continuity.

Robinson Tech struggled with StorageCraft

Robinson Tech opted for StorageCraft after being equally disappointed with Zenith and Datto. Backup boxes were built by Robinson Tech and the software was run from StorageCraft.

Unfortunately, the disappointment continued. Robinson Tech literally had to struggle for everything. They had to physically build their own BDR (backup/disaster recovery) to do the backups.

Furthermore, no assistance was provided during the software installation or configuration. Even if they did get a hold of support reps, they weren’t much help.

Dan Robinson recounts a snarky remark made by a rep when the software failed at recovering data ‘it’s your box, so good luck’ — the final nail in the coffin.

Robinson Tech discovers the best StorageCraft backup alternative

Robinson Tech started scouting for a StorageCraft backup alternative which led them to Unitrends MSP.

The attraction was the Linux-based storage appliance. The hardware was connected to another line of cloud backup that was provided and controlled by the vendor. This allowed Robinson Tech to install pre-built and secured boxes along with an additional cloud layer.

“Backups on Unitrends MSP are safe since the appliances are Linux-based and impervious to ransomware. In fact, the appliance actually detects a ransomware attack as soon as the signs appear”

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Unitrends MSP made life easy for Robinson tech in more ways than one.

Manual babysitting, no more

StorageCraft is an engineer’s nightmare since they have to spend hours manually monitoring everything. In case of downtime, it takes several man hours to get the system up and running.

Unitrends MSP is highly proactive with alerts, keeping engineers updated at all times. That means no more manual babysitting instead, they can focus their efforts on the high value tasks.

Exceptional support

Dedicated customer support is assigned which helps you with installing, configuring, and training to make the onboarding as smooth as possible.

“Unitrends MSP has been great with training and teaching. Now, it’s really easy for our technicians to ensure quick data recovery”

Pay one price

StorageCraft has separate pricing for the box, the cloud backup, and other supporting services. It creates confusion, making the entire process complicated.

Unitrends MSP likes to keep things simple. That’s why everything comes under one price. The pricing is terabyte-based that means no more reselling expensive hardware to your clients — just plug and use.


Robinson Tech was able to ensure quick data recovery and increase uptime, leading to reliable business continuity. Basically, the move from simple data recovery to a comprehensive one became easy as a pie.

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