Cybercrime and ransomware break through the best defenses, even if you have layered security in place. Your layered security service is not complete unless you can take the last stand – protecting data by full, uncorrupted copies of everything your clients depend on that are available fast, avoiding business-crippling downtime.

Getting BCDR Right

Your customers are anxious to know about the high-level benefits your business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) solution provides. With that, let us ascend to about 10,000 feet and talk about true BCDR. First, true BCDR is not just backup and recovery, but 100% data protection. The best BCDR does this with a combination of on-premise appliance and the cloud – thus offering the best of both worlds.

Dedicated on-premise appliances really work. Using these appliances, enterprises can easily:

• Back up and recover on-premises applications and data
• Copy applications and data off-site to store with cloud services providers
• Use features available on some of these appliances to instantly recover applications and/or data either in the cloud and/or on-site,” said the DCIG 2017-18 Cloud Data Protection Appliance Buyers Guide.

Basically, any so-called BCDR alternative is not competitive or true BCDR if it does not include both the on-premise appliances and the additional layer of the cloud protection.

If you have a prospect with a backup solution, or is considering one, ask:

– Does it protect 100% against ransomware?
– Is a copy of all your data in the cloud at all times?
– Is a copy of all your data in-house at all times for speedy data access, recovery, and business continuity?
– Is this alternative solution easily and affordably scalable as your data needs grow?

If the answer to any of these questions is No, true BCDR is what they need.

Top 3 Value Statements for BCDR

Unitrends MSP (UMSP) is an all-in-one BCDR solution that does not require the stitching together of disparate vendor tools. MSPs, SMBs and enterprises have been using UMSP technology seamlessly for years.

This all-in-one solution comes with an all-in-one monthly pricing that covers everything – including the ability to scale. This means capacity can rise as needs increase, or shrink (along with costs) if the client becomes more efficient in what they store.

UMSP offers true and fast recovery from disaster, and with this speed also provides true business continuity. Moreover, your clients’ data is ransomware proof.

UMSP Versus the Competition

There are myriad data backup and recovery tools, and a far smaller number touting BDCR. The BCDR alternatives tend to be expensive, complex, hard to manage, and full of flaws.

Because UMSP focuses on simplicity, it’s easy to operate, requiring very little training and support. While this is great for the MSP, it also translates into an affordable, stable, and reliable system for clients.

With UMSP, the on-premise appliance recovers seamlessly and almost immediately, while the cloud allows clients to recover from a disaster in less than an hour.

Learn how true BCDR from Unitrends MSP protects clients from cybercrime, makes them impervious to ransomware, and allows them to survive outages and disasters by reading our BCDR, the Last Line of Defense Against Ransomware-and-Cybercrime whitepaper.