There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021. After a year of economic slowdown and extraordinary circumstances, businesses are witnessing a steady improvement in market conditions. The world is bouncing back and organizations are eager to step into the future with recovery in mind.

The Rise of Hybrid Workforces

Organizations are quickly recognizing the importance of getting work done regardless of where their employees work from. As business leaders look to strike a balance between what worked pre-COVID and what will work in the next normal, a new breed of workforce is set to emerge. Hybrid workforces, which combine remote and in-office workers, are the future. The hybrid workplace model gives employees the flexibility to work from wherever they want — in the office or from a remote location, or both.

What Hybrid Workforces Mean for MSPs

Hybrid workforces may seem like the perfect setup for employers and employees, but for MSPs, the hybrid workplace model poses a unique set of challenges. MSPs will play an important role in ensuring the transition to the new work model is secure and smooth for their clients. They also have the additional responsibility of securely backing up distributed assets and implementing recovery plans to support these workforces both inside and outside an organization.

Since most workforces will continue to work remotely, the risk of data breaches will only increase as compared to the relatively lower level of risk employees are exposed to when working behind a corporate firewall. The hybrid workplace model is here to stay and in order to help clients successfully implement it, MSPs must have robust business continuity plans and response procedures in place.

Challenges for MSPs

With businesses going digital and embracing technologies like cloud computing and SaaS platforms, data is exploding on a massive scale and is creeping up everywhere. The new ways of doing business have changed the way data is generated, used and stored. Data now lives in more places than ever before — on-premises, in the cloud, SaaS platforms, employee workstations, etc. Protecting the sheer volume of data scattered across multiple locations can be a nightmare for MSPs.

Adding to this challenge are sophisticated cyberthreats that are consistently growing in number and complexity. As employees step out from behind secure corporate networks, data is more at risk now than ever before. In Q3 of 2020, malware attacks increased by a massive 128%. And according to Check Point, in 2020, a new organization fell victim to ransomware every 10 seconds, with remote workers being the major target.

The Time for MSPs to Reboot Is Now

As businesses reset their goals and strategies to thrive in the next normal, the reliance on MSPs will only continue to grow. MSPs must ensure that the transition from “business as usual” to the new way of doing business is smooth and secure for their clients. To keep their clients afloat in the new climate and ensure their remote workforces and data are secure, MSPs require a unified approach that goes beyond traditional backup and recovery.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the traditional backup and recovery model is broken. It is now regarded as cumbersome, fragmented, manual, error-prone and expensive. MSPs need a robust BCDR solution that provides much more than just backups. What they need is a single BCDR platform that’s complete, automated and priced right in order to gain an edge over their competitors in the new normal.

The Kaseya MSP Benchmark Survey revealed that nearly three-quarters (73%) of MSPs experienced a revenue increase in the past year by providing security services followed by backup and disaster recovery (59%).

What Is Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR?

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR is a powerful, all-in-one platform that combines enterprise-class backup, ransomware detection and cloud-based business continuity. Our Unified BCDR solution helps MSPs protect all client workloads and mission-critical data regardless of where they live, turbocharges technician efficiency and enables them to deliver the highest quality business continuity services with high margins.

Why Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR?

Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR allows MSPs to make more money, save more time and win more clients. Backed by state-of-the-art technology used by Fortune 500 companies, our Unified BCDR platform is:

Complete: Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR allows MSPs to secure their clients’ data no matter where it lives, whether on-site, in private/public cloud, in SaaS platforms or in remote locations. Our all-inclusive, single platform eliminates the need to manage multiple solutions and vendors. One complete solution also means a single point to manage all client backups without switching between multiple disparate solutions, which only increases IT complexity and the burden on IT professionals. Our Unified BCDR uses AI and machine learning to provide end-to-end protection against data loss, ransomware and downtime.

Automated: Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR comes with built-in automation and integrations that improve IT pros’ efficiency, enabling them to do more in less time. Advanced features, such as self-healing backups that automatically monitor, detect and remediate issues, save technicians time they would otherwise spend on troubleshooting failed backups. This helps cut down backup management time by 50%.

Recovery assurance automatically performs the highest level of application recovery testing that goes way beyond just taking a screen grab of a login screen and ensures application, data and system integrity. Fully automated DR tests simulate a true disaster recovery scenario to keep MSPs prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This saves MSPs tens of hundreds of man-hours in manual disaster recovery testing each month. Intelligent alerting and reporting cuts out noise and allows MSPs to focus on more important things that matter.

Priced Right: For MSPs, a backup and recovery solution is one of the most expensive items in their tech stack. Well, not anymore! With Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR, MSPs spend one-third less than other competing solutions, which allows them to deliver the highest value BCDR solution to even the most cost-conscious clients. And since all hardware is free, MSPs don’t need to worry about upfront hardware or software costs. This allows MSPs to start generating revenue instantly upon switching.

Unitrends MSP’s predictable pricing and adaptable licensing model is designed to support MSPs as their data protection needs evolve. This gives MSPs full transparency and flexibility to transition their subscription to whatever type of environment they’re protecting.

Reboot With Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR

As businesses look to reset and rebound in the next normal, MSPs have a much greater role to play in protecting their clients’ remote workforces and scattered assets from data loss, emerging cyberthreats and downtime.

A BCDR solution in an MSP’s tech stack can make or break its business in this unpredictable climate. Therefore, choosing the right BCDR solution is vital. Using multiple solutions to manage backups is not the solution. Unitrends MSP Unified BCDR is complete, which allows MSPs to secure all workloads anytime, anywhere, from a single platform. It not only saves technician time and effort, but also helps boost MSP profit margins.

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