The global managed services market size is projected to reach $417 billion by the year 2024. Successful MSPs have risen to the challenge of ensuring businesses see no downtime and that support is provided when and if a disaster occurs.

Without a doubt, it is the era of the MSP. However, is your MSP ready to cash in on this golden opportunity? Find out where you stand by measuring your business against successful MSPs.

Don’t get intimidated by their success though. They aren’t channeling extra-terrestrial intelligence and technology from planet Vulcan. They are just as human and fallible as you. Instead, learn from their successes, find out what makes them tick and then replicate it.

To help you get started, let’s take a closer look at the top four habits of highly successful MSPs and how implementing them can help you grow in 2021.

1. No Pain, No Gain

Successful MSPs strive to identify and eliminate the pain points of their prospects. By applying this strategy, prospects can see the true value of your MSP.

Either zero in on one pain point or cover them all; it depends on your service offering.

Financial Pain Points – Talk about the ROI your prospects will enjoy with your service offerings.

Support Pain Points – Flaunt your after-market support. Show them how you can assist before, during and after an IT disaster incident.

Productivity Pain Points – Bring attention to how your MSP can help your prospects save time and reduce wastage.

In fact, why not go one better? Technology like Helix from Unitrends MSP is a self-healing backup solution. Helix automatically fixes issues with backup and recovery, making it easier for your MSP to effortlessly provide an extra value-added service to your customer.

2. Keep the Bad Guys at Bay

Businesses are struggling to adapt to the changing cyberthreat landscape. And the fact that employee errors are the leading cause of data breaches doesn’t help matters either.

MSPs who utilize a laser-sharp, security-focused approach tend to be more successful at repelling threats to their customers’ infrastructure. You can follow suit by offering a security stack that puts customers in a winning position against cyberthreats like ransomware. The stack should also include a framework to educate employees about best cybersecurity practices.

To offer the best security service in the market, use next-generation security solutions like Unitrends MSP Ransomware Detection.

Unitrends Ransomware Detection technology has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that runs during every backup and analyzes the randomness of file changes (not just change rates) to identify backups infected by ransomware.

3. Lend a Helping Hand

The ability to report issues before a business identifies them is what separates great MSPs from merely good ones.

MSPs are increasingly judged on how proactively they support their clients’ business through the implementation of preventative measures and workflow automation. Round-the-clock, 24/7 help and support allows MSPs to provide a robust level of service at all times. Your MSP should be the one businesses turn to when it comes to ensuring zero downtime and peace of mind.

Unitrends MSP lets you automate risk analysis with recovery analytics, powered by our unique Recovery Assurance technology. Our Recovery Assurance policy enables you to offer services, such as automated failover, DR Testing and compliance reporting, locally and in the cloud.

4. Work With the Best

Successful MSPs are well aware that the ultimate cost of unplanned downtime could be a complete business shutdown. To protect customers from this terrible fate, the best MSPs work with the best BCDR partners such as Unitrends MSP.

Unitrends MSP recovers entire systems in minutes without breaking a sweat. This translates to reliability for your clients, which in turn fosters a relationship of trust.

Imagine if the MSP handling Code Spaces was using Unitrends BCDR solution. The story would have been entirely different.

Flashback: Code Spaces, a SaaS tool used for project management, was hit by a massive ransomware attack that compromised their data, backups, offsite backups and machine configurations. The company was forced to stop operations since they were unable to recover from the damage to their financial position and reputation.

Good Habits Maketh Good MSPs

The only thing guaranteed in 2021 is that MSPs will face challenges like never before.

MSPs that practice the four habits mentioned above have a great chance of withstanding any storm that comes at them in 2021. Although the sun may be going down on many MSPs due to loopholes in their security stack, it still isn’t too late to redeem yourself and offer a BCDR service that protects both you and your customers.

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