There are many business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions that claim to make life easy for MSP owners, but here at Unitrends, we pride ourselves on being the one that actually delivers.

After serving enterprises for three decades, we’ve taken our comprehensive BCDR suite and packaged it for MSPs.

This Valentine’s Day, here are seven reasons to fall head over heels in love with Unitrends MSP.

No upfront hardware cost

Unitrends MSP is subscription-based with no upfront cost which means you can start turning a profit on your data backup and recovery services right away.

Competitive pricing

You automatically gain a competitive advantage with Unitrends, as for many MSPs, BCDR is one of their highest priced line items. In most cases, we’re 30% less than any of our competitors (bring us your current bill and let’s talk!).

Ransomware detection

When it comes to ransomware, it’s more of a ‘when’ not an ‘if’.

Our AI-based technology uses machine learning to compare average unique data on the system against unique data in the most recent backup. If higher than average unique data is detected, it amounts to probable ransomware conditions, and technicians are notified accordingly.

Identifying sophisticated strains of malware and resolving them before they cause any real damage, greatly benefits your MSP business: more uptime, more productive use of your technician’s time, more confidence in your data security.

Automated disaster recovery testing 

The only foolproof way to know if you can recover your customer’s data is via testing. Period.

Unitrends MSP allows you to do orchestrated testing. Boot multiple servers on your hypervisor and make sure they can interact with each other and that the services you are backing up are available.

You’ll rest easy knowing the machine not only booted but that the server and apps are running consistent with the point-in-time you selected for restore.

Award-winning support

Unitrends MSP customer support is 24x7x365 U.S-based and has an industry-leading  98% customer satisfaction rate.

“Unitrends is a company built on customer service. The person you reach on the phone usually brings the issue to a resolution. They really make sure you get a satisfactory outcome.” Mike A. – IT Professional

Powered Services

To complement great service, you need great messaging, and effective sales and marketing to make the value of your services known.

Our ‘Powered Services’ platform coaches you to position and sell BCDR services. It includes:

  • Marketing playbooks: including customizable templates for marketing emails, landing pages, marketing presentation decks, and more.
  • Go-to-Market: 30, 60, and 90-day guided roadmaps that give you everything you need to come up with a sound go-to-market plan.
  •  Industry insights: Learn and implement what other successful MSPs are doing to improve new customer acquisition and increased margins.

All this love from a single pane of glass 

The majority of MSPs use multiple backup vendors because there isn’t a solution out there that has all the features they need. 

Unitrends MSP enables you to manage, monitor, and report on all your customers’ backups from a single place. Simplify your workload and boost technician productivity by using one solution, one vendor, one call to support when needed.

There you have it: 7 reasons to love Unitrends MSP. Interested in learning about how you can try Unitrends risk-free? 

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