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Unitrends MSP is one of the leading providers of enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions.

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All In One Simplicity

Our powerful, all-in-one appliance-based platform is built on 30 years of innovation. It combines enterprise-class backup, ransomware detection and cloud-based BCDR services that enable MSPs to deliver top-quality services with high margins.

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Benefits of Partnering with Unitrends MSP

A Partner You Can Rely On

We put MSPs at the centre of everything we do. Be it our products or services or support, our business is designed around your business. We endeavor to build a longer lasting relationship with you and not just one-off deals.

High-Margin BCDR Services

At Unitrends MSP, we believe that our enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are the best in the world and that every MSP could benefit from them. We work with MSPs every day to build products that enable them to deliver high-margin BCDR services. We provide continuous support that MSPs can lean on to maximize the reliability of those services.

Competitive Pricing for Improved Recurring Revenue

Unitrends MSP offers BCDR at 30 percent lesser than any of our competitors, which enables the highest margins and lowest cost of ownership. Our flexible pricing options allow you to deliver the most reliable BCDR solution to your clients at a price they can afford, which helps expand your client base and creates new recurring revenue streams.

Access to Powered Services

When you partner with us, you get access to Powered Services’ ready-made marketing materials, sales enablement and content resources, and on-demand training courses and tools that you can leverage to supercharge your marketing activities and accelerate growth.

Effortless Fleet Replacement

Unitrends MSP makes the complex process of fleet replacement smooth and easy. We’ve helped thousands of MSPs make the switch to a better BCDR solution that not only solves the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis but also saves them up to 40 percent on fleet replacement.

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Who Should Partner With Us?

If you’re an MSP or an MSSP looking for the right partner to improve margins with enterprise-class BCDR solutions, Unitrends MSP can help you win new deals and grow your business. 

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